The Gokturk Trilogy is a series of feature films, beginning with The First Gokturk, detailing the epic trials and tribulations of a dark ages Central Asian khaganate. The largest empire the world had ever seen until that era, the Gokturks would herald the rise of the Turkic peoples, with successors like the Seljuk Turks and the Ottoman Turks becoming monumental empires themselves. With a focus on myth, folkloric storytelling and uncompromising visuals it will introduce an untapped, unmined cultural era to the world.

A lifelong dream of director Alper Caglar and his seasoned crew, the first film will focus on the legendary founders of the Gokturk state. Model underdogs against juggernauts of the era, the two brothers Bumin and Istemi are heirs to the hallowed Ashina Clan.

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Pre-production on the first film of the franchise began on May 19th 2019, and primary cinematography will begin in August 2020 in locations across the European Union, United States and the Turkish steppe.

All characters, story elements and visual assets within the Gokturk Trilogy belong to CaglarArts Ltd.

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